An emergency management capability development network established in 2017 has already achieved beneficial outcomes for capability development.

The Jurisdictional Emergency Management Education Network (JEMEN) was established through the support of the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience. It has been designed as a knowledge-sharing forum that develops and promotes a collective vision for emergency management education and capability development for Australia.

The JEMEN was established to provide a forum to collaborate and share knowledge on emergency management capability development. Specifically, the JEMEN aims to develops national consistencies on emergency management training, education and learning and development. It also identifies opportunities for cross-jurisdictional collaboration, provides a national voice for consultation and advice on emergency management education matters and offers advice, consultation and jurisdictional contacts for capability development programs.

JEMEN members comprise one representative from each Australian state and territory from lead agencies with primary responsibility for emergency management education in their respective state or territory. Emergency Management Australia support JEMEN activities and provide vital linkages to national capability enhancement policy and initiatives. Secretariat and coordination support is provided by the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience.

Established in 2017, JEMEN has already achieved beneficial outcomes for emergency management capability  development in Australia. These include the identification of areas for influencing national capability development policy, links to national doctrine development and, importantly, specific opportunities for cross jurisdictional collaboration in emergency management curricula, frameworks and learning management systems.

JEMEN members have all actively contributed to a significant curricula mapping project which has provided a strategic overview of current capability development programs delivered jurisdictionally for disaster management stakeholders. Importantly, this mapping process has enabled the identification of curricula where support and collaboration can be facilitated between jurisdictions. In addition, the project outcome presents a critical national synopsis of disaster management capability development programs within Australia at the jurisdictional level.

Image: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

JEMEN meets formally biannually and members teleconference and connect throughout the year on issues arising on an as-needs basis. Biannual meeting locations are rotated through the jurisdictions with the upcoming JEMEN meeting in September 2018 being held in Perth, Western Australia.

The collaboration and networking opportunities JEMEN provides are proving invaluable to members, their agencies and each jurisdiction. JEMEN enables jurisdictions to maintain confidence that their emergency management capability enhancement and curriculum strategies remain contemporary and consistent with national approaches. A level of consistency in curriculum, where feasible, also enhances opportunities for cross-jurisdictional interoperability.

All member agencies should be congratulated for their contribution and commitment to jurisdictional collaboration. The work of the JEMEN is an important step in Australia’s capability development journey.