Principles and Guidance in Disaster Resilience

Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection

Fast Facts

14 Handbooks
6 Currently under review
15 Manuals

The Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection reflects nationally agreed principles to guide its audiences and to support them in producing doctrine, policies and practices in developing capabilities to support disaster resilience.

The Handbook Collection and its associated resources:

  • provide an authoritative and trusted source of knowledge of the principles for disaster resilience in Australia
  • align national disaster resilience strategy and policy with practice by informing and assisting jurisdictions, agencies and other organisations and individuals in their implementation and adoption
  • provide clarity on the nationally agreed principles and practices to implement national disaster resilience strategy and policy into practice
  • identify and promote the adoption of good practice in building disaster resilience in Australia
  • build interoperability between jurisdictions, agencies, businesses and community leaders by providing common language and coordinated, nationally agreed principles
  • provide a ‘home’ for collections which will be managed, reviewed, disseminated and promoted by an authorised custodian