EM online: NSW RFS Firefighter Pocketbook

nsw rural fire service pocketbook app mockup

The NSW Rural Fire Service Pocketbook app is designed as a fast, easy reference guide for volunteer firefighters and RFS staff. A handy pocket tool for making operational decisions, this app can be used as a quick reference in operational planning and training. Key areas are covered including acronyms, safety and welfare, equipment, communications, organisational operations and fire tool calculators. Importantly, the app and its calculators can be used with or without mobile network coverage.

Kelsey Tarabini, a volunteer firefighter working at the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, says the app is an ‘encyclopedia’ for new and experienced firefighters and very useful during interstate deployments.

"If you are an interstate firefighter you are able to find information on specific things such as communication plans with radios or water supply as well as gaining a basic understanding of that state’s operation so you can play ‘catch up’, rather than misunderstanding what they’re on about.
"If you are from NSW this app is very useful because, let’s face it, we can’t always remember everything we get taught, and having the app is a great alternative to going to the station, or online, to find the firefighting manual and trawl through 150-300 pages of formal writing to source information you require."

Kelsey Tarabini, volunteer firefighter