Centre of Excellence for Prescribed Burning

National prescribed burning guidelines and frameworks

These guidelines and frameworks were produced by the National Burning Project.

The National Burning Project has brought together interrelated aspects of prescribed burning across Australasia to design guiding frameworks and principles for a more holistic and consistent approach to prescribed burning. 

The National Burning Project delivered a suite of products that informs all levels of prescribed burning. The project was an initiative of the Forest Fire Management Group (FFMG) and jointly funded by AFAC member agencies and the Commonwealth of Australia. 

Guidelines, frameworks and reports

Full documentation and background to the principles, frameworks and guidelines to inform all levels of prescribed burning

National Guidelines for Prescribed Burning Strategic and Program Planning

These guidelines build a set of best practice principles, supported by evidence and guiding notes. (2.0 MB)

National Guidelines for Prescribed Burning Operations

These guidelines build a set of best practice principles, supported by evidence and guiding notes. (3.5 MB)

Prescribed Burning Performance Measures

A set of performance measures that encompass prescribed burning inputs, activities and outputs over short and long term goals. (6.0 MB)

Risk Management Framework - Fuel Hazards

A framework that facilitates an improved alignment of approaches and greater appreciation of fuel hazards. (3.9 MB)

Risk Management Framework - Operational

Examines operational risk to life and property and analyses the risk controls in a structured manner. (2.8 MB)

Risk Management Framework - Ecological

This framework provides an approach to consider the steps an processes to take when seeking the best ecological outcomes with respect to prescribed burning. (4.0 MB)

Risk Management Framework - Smoke and Greenhouse Gases

A framework for the management of risks associated with smoke and greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on amenities, prosperity,health and safety. (2.3 MB)

Objectives Setting and Analysis

Examines two case studies that use the cost:benefit tool for assessing outcomes from prescribed burning program strategies. (5.58 MB)

Overview of Prescribed Burning in Australasia

This report is a useful introduction and overview to the role of fire in the Australasian landscape and the origins and evidence that underpins the use of prescribed fire. (1.9 MB)

Review of Best Practice

Provides a detailed account of prescribed burning practices considered to be examples of best practice. (10.8 MB)

Training Competencies and Delivery Review

Investigates and recommends preferred options for an approved suite of competencies and the delivery of national training programs. (6.8 MB)

Capability Optimisation Review

Assess the current capability and reports on options to improve capability through shared resources. (5.0 MB)