Volume 31 Issue 4

Articles: 20

  Title Author Peer-reviewed
Foreword  Dr Michael Rumsewicz  No 
Disaster risk management should be an integral part of economic planning  Robert Glasser  No 
Reducing future risk starts now: integrated planning could hold the key to Australia’s mitigation of disasters  Nathan Maddock  No 
Churchill Fellowship: media images and imitative behaviour in disasters  Philip Campbell  No 
Teaching resilience  Hansika Bhagani  No 
AIDR adds to disaster resilience body of knowledge  Amanda Lamont  No 
EMPA: Disaster Communications Conference, New Zealand  Rebecca Riggs  No 
Disasters and Social Resilience: a bioecological approach  Michael Tarrent No 
AUSVETPLAN turns 25  Francette Geraghty-Dusan  No 
Emergency Management Liaison Officer training  Ian Carlton  No 
Owning the future: risk ownership and strategic decision-making for natural hazards  Celeste Young, Roger Jones  Yes 
Building community cyclone resilience through academic and insurance industry partnership  Jon Harwood, Daniel Smith, David Henderson  Yes 
The Excess Heat Factor as a metric for heat-related fatalities: defining heatwave risk categories  Thomas Loridan, Lucinda Coates, Daniel Argüeso, Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, John McAneney  Yes 
An assessment of the opportunities to improve strategic decision-making in emergency and disaster management  Benjamin Brooks, Steven Curnin, Chris Bearman, Christine Owen, Sophia Rainbird  Yes 
Evaluating resilience in two remote indigenous Australian communities  Philip Morley, Jeremy Russell-Smith, Kamaljit Sangha, Stephen Sutton, Bev Sithole  Yes 
Can agencies promote bushfire resilience using art-based community engagement?  Richard Phillips, Angela Cook, Holly Schauble, Matthew Walker  Yes 
Helping fire-impacted families in rebuilding: toward enhanced community resilience outcomes  Emilis Prelgauskas  Yes 
Can place attachment mediate perceptions of bushfire risk? A case study of the Blue Mountains, NSW  Charishma Ratnam, Danielle Drozdzewski, Rosalie Chapple  Yes 
Facebook ‘Safety Check’: let friends know you’re OK  EM Online  No 
Upcoming professional development  Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience  No