Volume 33 Issue 2

Articles: 23

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  Title Author Peer-reviewed
Foreword Iain S MacKenzie No
2017 Lessons Management Workshop Mark Cuthbert No
Case studies point to research use Brenda Leahy No 
Learning for the future: the emotional cycle of bushfire Dr Graham Dwyer No 
Volunteers: the ageing and the millennials Jake Moir No 
Connecting communities through volunteering: lessons learnt at NSW SES Andrew McCullough No 
Firebombing at night – why not! Richard Alder No 
A vital layer of safety for Australia’s airports Glenn Wood No
Case study: urban aircraft deployment in Victoria Matthew Anderson No 
Case study: lessons management capability in emergency management and beyond Heather Stuart and Mark Thomason No 
Case study: the preparedness puzzle Tracy Smith, Muriel Leclercq and Victoria Chuter No 
Case study: the Victorian Emergency
Management Community Resilience Index
Melissa Parsons, Dr Holly Fosterand Sam Redlichi No 
We learn as one: Victoria’s journey to
collaborative lessons management
Lisa Marie Jackson and Adair Forbes Shepherd No
Aitape Story: the Great New Guinea Tsunami of 1998 Reviewed by R. Wally Johnson No 
How emergency services organisations can – and do – utilise research Dr Christine Owen Yes
Can major post-event inquiries and reviews contribute to lessons
Lawson Cole, Emeritus Professor Stephen Dovers, Martijn Gough and Associate Professor Michael Eburn Yes
Updating the costs of disasters in Australia Professor John Handmer, Dr Monique Ladds and Dr Liam Magee Yes
The Total Flood Warning System: what have we learnt since 1990 and where are the gaps Michael Cawood, Dr Chas Keys and Christopher Wright Yes
Understanding the role gender plays in
survivor responses to natural disaster:
evaluating the Lessons in Disaster
Dr Caroline Spencer, Naomi Bailey, Dr Carlyn Muir, Dr Saadia Majeed, Dudley McArdle, Emma Keech, Alyssa Duncan and Dr Debra Parkinson Yes
Animal emergency management in South
Australia: a case study of the Sampson
Flat bushfire
Dr Megan McCarthy and Dr Melanie Taylor Yes
Community empowerment and trust:
social media use during the Hazelwood
mine fire
Dr Susan Yell and Dr Michelle Duffy Yes
EM Online Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience  No
2018 Resilient Australia Awards Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience No