Volume 30 Issue 2

Articles: 19

  Title Author Peer-reviewed
Foreword Mark Schipp No
Exercise Odysseus: the national livestock standstill exercise program Tony Callan No
A state plan for animal welfare in emergencies: Victoria's experience in developing and implementing a state animal welfare emergency plan Cathy Pawsey No 
Dealing with livestock affected by the 2014 bushfires in South Australia: decision-making and recovery Dr Jeremy Rogers, Trent Scholz, Amelia Gillen  Yes
The preparedness and evacuation behaviour of pet owners in emergencies and natural disasters Dr Melanie Taylor, Erin Lynch, Dr Penelope Burns, Greg Eustace Yes 
Does emotional closeness to pets motivate their inclusion in bushfire survival plans? Implications for emergency communicators Joshua Trigg, Dr Bradley Smith, Dr Kirrilly Thompson Yes 
The challenges of managing animals and their owners in disasters: perspectives of Australian response organisations and stakeholders Dr Melanie Taylor, Megan McCarthy, Dr Penelope Burns, Dr Kirrilly Thompson, Dr Bradley Smith, Greg Eustace Yes 
Risk perception, preparedness and response of livestock producers to bushfires: a South Australian case study Dr Bradley Smith, Dr Melanie Taylor, Dr Kirrilly Thompson Yes
For pet's sake, save yourself! Motivating emergency and disaster preparedness through relations of animal guardianship Dr Kirrilly Thompson  Yes 
Safeguarding children from animals in emergencies Susan Davie  No
Achieving a global goal for the protection of animals in disasters: India's potential impact Dr Wayne Ricketts  No
Helping hands, hurting hooves: towards a multidisciplinary paradigm of large animal rescue Dr Kirrilly Thompson, MaryAnne Leighton, Professor Chris Riley Yes 
When humans and other animals connect: disaster narratives of fear, hope and change Dian Fowles No 
REPORT: Animal attachment and disaster resilience in vulnerable communities Jacqueline Mills No 
People and their animals in emergencies: snapshots from past emergency events Dr Rachel Wescott No
National Planning Principles for Animals in Disasters World Animal Protection No
EM Online: Do you have a plan to protect your pet when disaster strikes? AEMI No
The Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub AEMI No
Australian Emergency Management Handbooks AEMI No