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The Handbook Collection archive below provides access to documents which are no longer current for historical reference. Manuals which have not yet been archived or moved into the relevant collection are available through the Manual Series.

Community Engagement

Handbook 5: Communicating with People with a Disability: National Guidelines for Emergency Managers (2013) (PDF 673 KB)

Handbook 6: National Strategy for Disaster Resilience: Community Engagement Framework (2013) (PDF 728KB)

Manual 44: Guidelines for Emergency Management in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities (2007) (PDF 784KB)

Crowded places

Manual 12: Safe and Healthy Mass Gatherings (1999) (PDF 0.8MB)

Manual 12: Safe and Healthy Mass Gatherings 2010 review (PDF 0.5MB)
/ MS Word version (MS Word 0.5MB)

Evacuation planning 

Handbook 4 Evacuation Planning (2013) (PDF 668 KB)

Manual 11: Evacuation Planning (PDF 819KB)

Flood emergency planning

Manual 20: Flood Preparedness (2009) (PDF 1.01MB)

Manual 22: Flood Response (2009) (PDF 2.4MB)

Manual 23: Emergency Management Planning for Floods Affected by Dams (2009) (PDF 813KB)

Public information and warnings 

Australia's Emergency Warning Arrangements (PDF 790KB)

Best Practice Guide for Warning Originators (PDF 732KB)

Code of Practice for Warnings Republishers (PDF 581KB)

Emergency Warnings - Choosing Your Words (PDF 848KB)

Other documents

Manual 1: Concepts and Principles (2004) (PDF 988KB)

Manual 2: Australian Emergency Management Arrangements (PDF 890KB)

Manual 3: Australian Emergency Management Glossary (1998) (PDF 841KB)

Manual 5: Emergency Risk Management - Applications Guide (2004) (PDF 780KB)

Manual 6: Implementing Emergency Risk Management - A Facilitator's Guide to Working Committees and Communities (2001) (PDF 3.1MB)

Manual 7: Planning for Safer Communities - Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards (2002) (PDF 1.2MB)

Manual 8: Emergency Catering (2003) (PDF 867KB)

Manual 9: Disaster Medicine 

Manual 10: Recovery 

Manual 15: Community Emergency Planning (1992) (PDF 619KB)

Manual 16: Urban Search and Rescue - Capability Guidelines for Structural Collapse (2002) (PDF 703MB)

Manual 17: Multi-Agency Incident Management (1998) (PDF 474KB)

Manual 18: Community and Personal Support Services (1998) (PDF 273KB)

Manual 19: Managing the Floodplain (1999) (PDF 650KB)

Manual 25: Guidelines for Psychological Services - Emergency Managers Guide (2003) (PDF 446KB)

Manual 26: Guidelines for Psychological Services: Mental Health Practitioners Guide (2003) (PDF 715MB)

Manual 28: Economic and Financial Aspects of Disaster Recovery (2002) (PDF 669KB)

Manual 29: Community Development in Recovery from Disaster (2003) (PDF 1.77MB)

Manual 30: Storm and Water Damage Operations (2007) (PDF 3.7MB)

Manual 31: Operations Centre Management (2001) (PDF 3.1MB)

Manual 32: Leadership (1997) (PDF 378KB)

Manual 33: National Land Search Operations (2014) (PDF 3.6MB)

Manual 34: Road Rescue (2009) (PDF 3.70MB)

Manual 35: General and Disaster Rescue (2006) (PDF 4.58MB)

Manual 36: Map Reading and Navigation (2001) (PDF 4.6MB)

Manual 37: Four-Wheel-Drive Vehicle Operation (1997) (PDF 1.09MB)

Manual 38: Communications (1998) (PDF 4.75MB)

Manual 39: Flood Rescue Boat Operation (2009) (PDF 6.6MB)

Manual 40: Vertical Rescue (2001) (PDF 2.76MB)

Manual 41: Small Group Training Management (1999) (PDF 407KB)

Manual 42: Managing Exercises (PDF 855KB)

Manual 43: Emergency Planning (2004) (PDF 747KB)

Manual 46: Tsunami Emergency Planning in Australia (2010) (PDF 2.19MB)