Flood recovery resources

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Recovery Collection

The page brings together a comprehensive collection of key guidance material, research, information, and useful tools to support communities recovering from major flooding events.

Recovery Matters webinar series

The Recovery Matters webinar series brings together subject matter expects to discuss and provide useful information on key issues in disaster recovery. While originally developed for bushfire recovery, the webinars contain valuable learnings also applicable to flood recovery.

Knowledge-into-action briefs

The Knowledge-into-action briefs provide an overview of good practice for people who are supporting communities to recover. They specifically provide information on community recovery and spontaneous volunteers.

National Principles for Disaster Recovery

The National Principles for Disaster Recovery are designed to guide communities, governments, and agencies to in their recovery approach, planning and decision making.

After the disaster podcast

The After the Disaster podcast highlights personal experiences and professional advice on the topic of recovery after a disaster.

Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection

The Handbook collection provides key guidance and expertise across a range of topics. See below for guidance on Handbooks with advice specific to flooding

National monitoring and evaluation for disaster recovery programs

The National Disaster Recovery Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Database can be used to learn from past recovery experiences and inform the development of new recovery programs.

Understanding Hazards - Flood

This resource provides a basic understanding of floods and is useful to contextualise individual and community experiences.

Birdie's Tree | Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

This resource supports the mental health and emotional wellbeing of babies and young children, their parents and families, in relation to severe weather events.

Flood and Water education resources 

This NSW SES tool for schools provides educational flood resources at primary and secondary levels.

Spontaneous Volunteer Management Resource Kit

This kit offers a range of resources to help support jurisdictions, municipalities and organisations to manage potential spontaneous volunteers during emergencies.