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Emergency Planning Handbook

The Emergency Planning Manual (2004) is undergoing a review.

What do you think?

AIDR values the input of stakeholders in the handbook review process. We invite you to share your ideas through the Emergency Planning Handbook survey.

AIDR is currently engaging stakeholders via the Emergency Planning Handbook survey. We invite your input in identifying areas of the 2004 manual edition that need to be updated, reorganised or revised to reflect current principles and practice.

The economic cost of emergencies in Australia over the past decade averages $18.2 billion per year, and the real cost in terms of human suffering and environmental damage is larger. A key to minimising the cost and effects of emergencies, after all reasonable risk reduction measures have been taken, is effective emergency planning.

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is reviewing the Emergency Planning Manual (2004). The updated handbook will provide guidance on national principles and practices for emergency planning in Australia.

The revised handbook will draw on and complement current and ongoing activity in disaster resilience and emergency planning and build on the capability and knowledge of organisations and individuals across the disaster resilience sector. The aim of the handbook is to provide information to assist the development and review of emergency management plans. The Emergency Planning Handbook gives an overview of the emergency planning principles and process.

Handbooks are developed with input from a broad cross section of people from different organisations from around the country and your input is valuable. AIDR is looking for people to participate in this Working Group. If you would like further information about the project or nominate yourself or someone else from your organisation to please contact ella.wilkinson@aidr.org.au.


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