Social Recovery Reference Group

The Social Recovery Reference Group (SRRG) is established to drive the human and social services perspective in emergency management and place-based communities, promoting the centrality of community in all recovery efforts following a disaster event and preparedness for recovery.



The following are among the papers endorsed by the SRRG, indicating nationally agreed approaches:

Community-led project

Part one: Literature review

Part two: Case studies

Part three: Report

Part four: One page Visual on Community-Led Recovery (3 sizes, 1 B&W)

This resource is aimed at leaders new to community recovery after disaster, and supports the Report: Considerations for governments supporting community-led recovery completed in Part 3 of this project.

Suggested uses include meetings with those in agencies, or coordination committees, education programs, working with communities. It emphasises that community-led isn’t about the community ‘leading’ the whole recovery, but about the co-production journey that is taken with the community after a disaster.

Disaster recovery and conflict

It is not out of the ordinary for communities to experience conflict after a disaster.

This resource offers findings from recovery and community conflict practitioners about how to view conflict, understand it, potentially prevent it and how to deal with it. It is written for public organisations working with communities but may be useful to other organisations and communities themselves.


Capability development

The Social Recovery Reference Group has been supporting AIDR’s delivery of the Possibility Lab for Community Recovery Practitioners which you can find here

Social Recovery Professional Development Mentoring Program

The Social Recovery Professional Development Mentoring Program supports eligible practitioners in the human and social community recovery sectors to develop knowledge, skills and experience through mentoring.

The program aims to:

  • contribute to the development of a robust, skilled recovery workforce to support communities
  • increase knowledge sharing across Australia and New Zealand, to foster innovation and the pursuit of best practice.

At present, the program invites applications for mentor and mentoree positions to all Social Recovery Reference Group (SRRG) member agencies in Australia and New Zealand. All levels of mentoree experience will be accommodated. The SRRG is exploring possibilities to expand the program to involve community groups and non-government organisations in future.

Openings to take part in the program are ongoing.

For more information contact the National Consultant, hosted by Resilience NSW:

Download Program Overview (PDF 877KB)
MS Word version (MS Word 398KB)