Australian Journal of Emergency Management: Lessons management

The articles and peer-reviewed research that comprise the April 2018 edition of AJEM focus on lessons management. 

These articles are part of the 
Lessons Management Collection.

"Raised proudly as an outcome of post-event debriefs  and analysis, the term ‘lessons learnt’ is often used to infer that ‘opportunities for improvement’ have been identified and corrective actions put in place to prevent similar circumstances recurring. Yet similar observations are often made at future events...

"...We need to embrace a broader ‘lessons management’ approach. We need an approach that creates and embeds a culture of learning rather than a clinical and rearward looking evaluation process.

"We need to clearly focus on those who will ultimately benefit—our communities. Lessons management needs to be a shared, collaborative initiative across all agencies and all levels of government with the community at the core of thinking and planning."

Iain S MacKenzie
Inspector-General Emergency Management
Queensland Government

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