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Australian Emergency Management Arrangements Handbook

The Australian Emergency Management Arrangements Handbook is undergoing a review.

The revised edition will be available online in 2019.

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is reviewing the Australia's Emergency Management Arrangements Handbook (2014). This handbook will provide guidance on emergency management arrangements in Australia. 

The revised handbook will draw on and complement Australia's current emergency management arrangements and build on the capability and knowledge of organisations and individuals across the disaster resilience sector in Australia and internationally.

A multidisciplinary expert reference group has been convened to inform the review of the handbook. Euan Ferguson, has been engaged as content writer.

Under Australia’s constitutional arrangements, state and territory governments have primary responsibility for emergency management within their jurisdiction. However, all levels of government acknowledge that the impact of some emergencies could be particularly severe or widespread, and exceed the capability of a single state or territory.

Australia’s emergency management arrangements bring together the efforts of all governments, and private and volunteer agencies to deliver coordinated emergency management across all hazards. These arrangements are also based on a high level of trust and cooperation between the community and emergency managers, as the result of common experiences dealing with disasters.

Handbook review


Amanda Lamont | Director Engagement and Projects
Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience