Volume 30 Issue 3

Articles: 21

  Title Author Peer-reviewed
  Foreword Mark Crosweller AFSM No
  Post-incident research – gaining knowledge after the event David Bruce No
  Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015–2030 AEMI No 
  OPINION: Preventing 'lessons lost': is evidence-based dynamic doctrine the answer? Steve Glassey  No 
  Leadership in crisis: developing beyond command and control Dr Christine Owen, Cameron Scott, Richard Adams, David Parsons Yes 
  Community wellbeing: applications for a disaster context Associate Professor Lisa Gibbs, Associate Professor Louise Harms, Sarah Howell-Meurs, Dr Karen Block, Dr Dean Lusher, John Richardson, Professor Colin MacDougall, Professor Elizabeth Waters  Yes
  Resilience in the face of disaster: evaluation of a community development and engagement initiative in Queensland Sarah Dean  Yes 
  Understanding resistance to emergency and disaster messaging Dr Lynda Shevellar, Rebecca Riggs Yes
  Ravenshoe Café explosion: Tuesday 9 June 2015 Sarah Dean  No 
  Emerging technologies for risk reduction: assessing the potential use of social media and VGI for increasing community engagement Billy Haworth, Eleanor Bruce, Peter Middleton Yes 
  Characteristics of a disaster resilient Victoria: consensus from those involved in emergency management activities Dr Natassia Goode, Dr Caroline Spencer, Dudley McArdle, Professor Paul M Salmon, Emeritus Professor Frank Archer  Yes 
  How a change in thinking might change the inevitability in disasters Mark Crosweller AFSM No 
  Managing spontaneous volunteers in emergencies: a local government perspective Lucy Saaroni  Yes 
  Strategic foresight in an age of uncertainty Rosemarie Lentini  No 
  Understanding risk factors in a disaster environment: evaluation of a three-week study tour of Japan  Adam Lebowitz, Kelsea Clingeleffer, Liana Riddington, Zara Hoare, Warde Macintosh  No 
  Resilient Australia Awards 2015  AEMI  No 
  Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference  ANZDMC  No 
  11th Emergency Media and Public Affairs Conference  AEMI  No 
  Notes from the Field: Working from within: Uranquinty's community-led plan and disaster simulation  Ian Leckie, Andrew Richards  No 
  Australian Emergency Management Library  AEMI  No 
  The new Emergency Management Australia website will be available early August  AEMI  No