ABC TV presents the documentary series

People's Republic of Mallacoota

Can the traumatised survivors of a bushfire-ravaged coastal community seize control of their own destiny, overcome their differences, and save their town from dying?

The series was broadcast from April 2022 - May 2022. It is available to watch on ABC TV + iview.

The documentary provides insight into the aftermath of the December 2019 Black Summer bushfires in Mallacoota, Victoria. The series platforms the stories of community members and the town's journey to forming and electing a community-led recovery committee - the Mallacoota and District Recovery Association (MADRA).  


Mallacoota elects locals to lead bushfire recovery

The residents of bushfire-ravaged community Mallacoota unite to take charge of the town's recovery.

Finding treasures in the ashes

The residents of bushfire-ravaged community Mallacoota take some comfort in finding beloved treasures in the ashes of their homes.


Aussie firefighter recounts the NYE Mallacoota bushfire

CFA brigade leader, Lyn, was one of the driving forces behind the formation of Mallacoota & District Recovery Association (MADRA)


"It was bushfire tourism."

Jess, a primary school teacher who lost her home in the bushfires talks about how Mallacoota became a bushfire tourist attraction.

Mallacoota's journey to recovery

Photojournalist Rachel's documentation of Mallacoota’s loss and grief has become a vital part of her own healing process.

"I think I'll always photograph this bushfire story."

A photojournalist's shots of Mallacoota in the ashes of former homes have become the defining images of the tragedy

Stayed to try and save their family home

Bryce Watts Parkers and his father stayed to desperately try and save their family home in Mallacoota

Harvesting grain seeds after fire

Bruce Pascoe harvests grain that seeded after the fires razed his kangaroo grass.


A snapshot history of Mallacoota

Mallacoota is located on the Eastern tip of Victoria. Known as a tourist town, Mallacoota has a population of 500 residents, but at Christmas time, it swells to 10,000 people.


Insights from Mallacoota on community-led recovery

Two years into Mallacoota's recovery after the Black Summer fires, what advice do they have for other communities who might be facing or will face these sorts of challenges in the future?



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