About the Australian Disaster Resilience Glossary

Over 3,000 terms and definitions, incorporating key terms from nine national and international glossaries

The Australian Disaster Resilience Glossary is an integrated online glossary of disaster resilience and emergency management terms and definitions. Its purpose is to allow consistency and avoid ambiguity in the definition and use of words and terms associated with disaster resilience and emergency management.

The Glossary recognises terms used across multiple communities or groups in Australia, as well as terms used exclusively by a single community. Whilst the purpose of the Glossary is to provide consistency and avoid ambiguity, where required, jurisdictional and contextual variations are accounted for. The Glossary does not present new or different definitions of terms but brings together definitions from existing sources into a single national resource.

Organisations that may benefit from the Glossary include:

  • Local governments
  • State/territory and Commonwealth government departments
  • Emergency services agencies
  • Emergency and disaster management professional groups
  • Individuals and community groups
  • Researchers
  • School children and schools
  • Private sector organisations
  • Educational institutions

The Glossary is intended to be used as an online resource. However, selections of terms or the complete Glossary may be exported for print.