Melbourne, Victoria, August 1987

Criminal - Hoddle Street shooting

Quick Statistics

7 Fatalities
19 Injured

On Sunday 9 August 1987, a gunman fired a total of 114 rounds in the space of 45 minutes, killing seven people and wounding a further 19, including two police officers. The area extended for over 2 km and ventured across three inner-city Melbourne suburbs; Clifton Hill, Northcote and Fitzroy North. The shootings started at approximately 9.30 pm, as the gunman positioned himself on a nature strip on the east side of the road and fired on passing cars. The first police arrived on the scene at approximately 9.37 pm. The gunman withdrew from Hoddle Street at approximately 9.45 pm and was cornered by police. The man surrendered at approximately 10.14 pm.

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