Bali, Indonesia, October 2005

Criminal - Bali Bombings

Quick Statistics

20 Fatalities
130 Injured

On 1 October 2005, at approximately 7.30 pm (Bali time) three suicide bombers attacked separate locations in Kuta and Jimbaran Bay in Bali in quick succession, killing 20 people and injuring more than 100.

One explosion occurred in a restaurant at Kuta Square and two other explosions occurred at restaurants in Jimbaran Bay.  

Four Australians died in the blasts, including a 16 year old boy from Busselton in Western Australia, and three people from Newcastle in NSW. Seventeen Australians were evacuated from Bali by two RAAF military aircraft and four other specialised emergency flights.

Australia provided significant resources to assist with recovery efforts.  An Australian emergency response team which arrived in Bali on 2 October and included consular, medical, counselling, emergency management and bomb-blast specialist personnel from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Federal Police, Defence, CentreLink and Emergency Management Australia. The Federal Police sent a large contingent including Disaster Victim Identification experts, bomb experts and investigators.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs announced that the Australian Government provided medical equipment and support totalling $1 million to meet the immediate and longer-term needs of blast victims and their communities in Bali. A Portable Image Intensifier form Princess Alexandra Hospital in South Brisbane was flown to Bali to assist in the location of shrapnel and metal particles in blast victims.


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