ABC TV presents the three-part documentary series

Big Weather (and how to survive it)

From the frontlines of Australia's Black Summer of 2019-20, Big Weather (and how to survive it) delivers a message about how our weather is changing and what we can do to survive it.

The three-part series was broadcast on Tuesday October 13, 20 and 27 2020. It is now available to watch on ABC TV + iview. Presenter Craig Reucassel shares stories from frontline disaster crews, experts and communities dealing with the effects of escalating extreme weather events to answer some questions: Why are these events becoming less predictable and more intense? And what can we do to prepare, survive and adapt into the future? 

Mt Resilience

Mt Resilience is an interactive webAR experience that reveals a detailed 3D model of a town designed to visualise climate and disaster preparedness. Explore Mt Resilience without needing to download an application, as WebAR experiences are built for mobile and tablet web browsers. 

Interact to unlock stories crafted by the ABC with key partners CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), along with 35 of Australia's leading experts. Discover first hand stories from ABC TV series Big Weather (and how to survive it), and how Mt Resilience thrives on innovation, Indigenous knowledge and community spirit. 

Click here for more information on how access Mt Resilience.

Big Weather Get Together

When big weather events strike, being prepared, knowing your neighbours and being connected with your community can make a huge difference. In fact, research shows the more connected a community is, the more resilient it is to disaster. One way to get ready for big weather and check in with your neighbours, family and friends, is to host a Big Weather Get Together!

Encourage your community to watch Big Weather (and how to survive it) and start a conversation about the series, the big weather risks in your area, and what you can do to be #ReadyTogether.

Your Big Weather Get Together might take the form of a street party, a barbecue at your local fire station or sports club, or an online meet-up. Whatever works best for your community and fits within the local restrictions on gatherings.

Explore the Big Weather Get Together resources, including invitations, posters, how-to guides, conversation starters, quizzes, social media images and videos to get started.

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