Scott Tilyard

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Chair, Community Engagement Sub-Committee


A photograph of Scott Tilyard, Tasmania’s Deputy Commissioner of Police. He is wearing a dark blue uniform and standing in front of a large image of the Tasmanian Police logo, which has a lion and a crown on it.

“It is my pleasure to introduce the November edition of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management. Deputy Secretary, National Security and Criminal Justice Group, Attorney-General’s Department, Tony Sheehan wrote in the Foreword of the July edition of AJEM about the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (NSDR) and how this will guide the work of emergency management agencies, volunteers and all levels of government."

Following the meeting of Police and Emergency Management Ministers in July, senior officials and members of the National Emergency Management

Committee agreed on the need to develop a national communication strategy for the NSDR. As Chair of the Community Engagement Sub-Committee, reporting to the National Emergency Management Committee, I would like to share with you progress on this important piece of work.

Interim key messages were developed as a first step in promulgating the intent of the NSDR. The Commonwealth Attorney-General wrote to State and Territory ministerial colleagues seeking their support in using the key messages wherever possible.

A workshop was conducted late September with representation from all states and territories, private sector organisations, community groups, volunteer groups and local government. A draft communication strategy and communication plan has now been prepared for presentation to senior ministers in November.

AJEM will continue to report on the implementation of the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (NSDR) in 2012.

In this edition, Raelene Thompson, Executive Director of the Australian Emergency Management Institute shares some of her findings from three Emergency Management Institutes she visited recently. There is also an interesting paper written by Dr Michael Eburn relating to the changes to Occupational Health and Safety laws and how they relate to volunteers. On a slightly different note, there are more stories from journalist Kate Lahey capturing the personal reflections and experiences in the devastating events of last summer.

I trust you will enjoy this edition and encourage writing to the Editor with any feedback or comments you may have.

Scott Tilyard

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tasmania

Chair, Community Engagement Sub-Committee