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Volunteer Leadership Program (VLP)
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The Volunteer Leadership Program (VLP) is a dynamic, immersive residential two-day (two night) program for emergency sector volunteers with aspiration and aptitude to support their organisation’s leadership. It is a personally challenging and richly rewarding experience aimed at providing participants with the foundations for capability and confidence for leadership. In taking part, participants will be part of a collaborative learning experience, participating alongside volunteer leaders from other emergency management focused agencies, and be generating knowledge and sharing experience.

AIDR has 16 courses over 2017 and 2018, covering every State and Territory, in both capital cities and regional locations. Upcoming locations are 2017:

  • 16-18 June 2017 – Darwin
  • 30 June-2 July – Adelaide
  • 21-23 July – Wollongong
  • 11-13 August – Canberra
  • 27-29 October – Geelong
  • 17-19 November – Cairns
  • 8-10 December – Hobart

Find out more and download an application pack from the AIDR website.

Decision-making under pressure

Decision making can be particularly challenging for incident management teams (IMTs) facing an emergency. They are often faced with high levels of uncertainty and constantly changing conditions, yet their decisions are time critical with major consequences for people’s lives and property. Not only does the nature of the incident influence decision making, there are a number of human factors such as standard operating procedures, agency and team norms, interpersonal relationships, levels of expertise, biases, stress, fatigue, and situational awareness that all affect the quality and timeliness of decision making.

Drawing on a range of Bushfire CRC and emergency sector research, this workshop examines the decision making processes relevant to incident management. AIDR is currently intending to run this course in two locations during 2017:

  • 26 May 2017 – Darwin
  • 1 August 2017 – Brisbane

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