Welcome to the new Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub

Every year Australians experience the damaging effects of disasters caused by severe weather or human behaviour. Bushfires, floods and storms wreak havoc on lives, property and livelihoods. Transport accidents or health emergencies can wipe millions from the economy. Criminal acts strike fear in local communities. These disasters and their impacts remind us of the need to continue improving our resilience to disasters.

Part of improving our disaster resilience, and taking a ‘shared responsibility’ approach lies in access to knowledge. By learning from past disasters, while we can’t change the fact that they occur, we can find ways to reduce their impact.

We’re excited to announce that the revamped Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub is now live. The site hosts a central collection of information, news and resources relating to disaster resilience and emergency management.

We invite you to start exploring:

We will be adding additional resources and information over the coming months, including guest collections from emergency services agencies and relevant national and international organisations.

We hope you like the website, and if you have any feedback, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or email us.