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Lessons Management Handbook

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Lessons management is an overarching term that refers to collecting, analysing, disseminating and applying learning experiences from events, exercises, programs and reviews. These learning experiences include those that should be sustained and those that need to improve. The goal of this activity is ongoing improvement by organisations and the people who work for them. Organisational growth and continuous improvement are particularly relevant where preservation of life is the primary goal. 

A consistent approach to lessons management is an essential component of an organisation that has a culture of learning. Lessons management can facilitate learning and improvement resulting in more efficient and effective practices, improved safety, and improved capture and mobilisation of knowledge. Organisations are seen to be learning when their structures, processes and culture are able to evolve based on learning acquired from experience.

Interoperability of lessons management processes across agencies, sectors and jurisdictions will facilitate information sharing and analysis. A common language and methods (such as agreed coding of data) can help aggregate information so that it is accessible and can be analysed and interpreted. This will support the horizontal and vertical exchange of information between agencies, sectors, and jurisdictions – all of which will improve and promote cross agency analysis.