Tasmania, February 1967

Black Tuesday bushfires, 1967

Quick Statistics

62 Fatalities
900 Injured
$14 Million Insurance Costs
1293 Homes Destroyed

On Tuesday 7 February 1967, known now as Black Tuesday, 110 separate fires ravaged southern Tasmania. Conditions were particularly conducive to fire; an abundance of forest litter, northerly winds of up to 110 kilometres per hour, and extremely hot air. Sixty-two people lost their lives, 900 were injured, and 7,000 left homeless. The fires came within two kilometres of the central business district of Hobart.

The economic impact of Black Tuesday was also significant. The fires destroyed 1,293 homes, burning through 264 270 hectares in the state's south within five hours. Agriculture was affected as thousands of chickens and sheep were killed, among other livestock. 

A subsequent Royal Commission found that 110 fires were burning within a 56 kilometre radius of Hobart.

The Insurance Council of Australia estimated the 1967 damage at $14 million, with the 2012 estimated normalised cost of $610 million.

Black Tuesday - 1967 Tasmania bushfires

Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC documentary

TVT 6: 1967 Bushfires in Hobart

TVT Channel 6 footage on major events in Tasmania in 1967, including the bushfires. 

Hobart bushfires 7/2/1967 and aftermath

Content warning - this footage may contain words and descriptions that may be culturally sensitive, which reflect the attitude of the period in which the film was produced, and which may be considered inappropriate today.

LINC Tasmania: scenes include Cascades Brewery and other affected areas.



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