Increasing hazard and risk awareness

Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience


ThinkHazard! was developed by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery and launched in May 2016. Users can search across the world for levels of flood, earthquake, drought, cyclone, tsunami and landslide hazards. A user can enter in a location and ThinkHazard! will highlight the hazards in that area and to what level the user should have an awareness of that hazard (when planning a development project for instance). 

ThinkHazard! also provides recommendations and guidance on how to reduce the risk from each hazard within the searched-for area, such as doing location assessments and identifying early warning systems. It provides links to additional resources such as country risk assessments, best practice guidance and additional websites. ThinkHazard! also highlights how each hazard may change in the future as a result of climate change.

Data for the website has been gathered from a range of sources including institutes, universities, UNDP, UNISDR and the World Bank.

Access ThinkHazard! at: