Moura, Queensland, August 1994

Industrial - Moura mine explosion

Quick Statistics

11 Fatalities

On Sunday 7 August 1994, an explosion occurred in the Moura No 2 Coal Mine. A total of 21 people were working in the mine. Ten escaped while the remaining 11 failed to return to the surface. A secondary explosion on 9 August hindered any rescue attempts and the mine was subsequently sealed and closed.

In accordance with section 74 of the Coal Mining Act (1925) an inquiry was held to investigate the incident with emphasis on determining the reasons for the explosions.  

The inquiry found that the first explosion originated in the 512 panel of the mine and resulted from a failure to recognise, and effectively treat, a heating of coal in that panel. This, in turn, ignited methane gas which had accumulated within the panel after it was sealed. The inquiry did not reach a finding regarding the cause of the second explosion.

While the inquiry found that the eleven persons who failed to return to the surface died in the mine as a direct or indirect result of the first explosion no definite finding could be made regarding the precise cause of death of any of the victims.


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