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Flood Emergency Planning for Disaster Resilience Handbook

Floodplains have been developed by rivers and accordingly will be inundated by floodwaters from time to time. Flooding often has deleterious impacts on human activities and assets, but the damage that floods cause can be reduced by careful planning and management of floodplain use. The manageability of flooding is enhanced by effective flood planning.

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is developing the new Flood Planning for Disaster Resilience Handbook. The handbook will incorporate the review of four 2009 manuals:

  • Flood Preparedness
  • Flood Warning
  • Flood Response
  • Emergency Management for Planning for Floods Affected by Dams

The new handbook will provide guidance on national principles and practices in flood planning for disaster resilience in Australia. It will also draw on, and complement, current and ongoing activity in flood preparedness, warning and response and will build on the capability and knowledge of organisations and individuals across the disaster resilience sector.

Handbook review